Richard Ram



“Sound makes it real, music makes you feel” - Marty O’Donnell

This quote from Marty O’Donnell explains the value of audio in applied media. It has been my mantra ever since starting out working in game-audio. The experience that music can provide to a listener is what drives me in writing music.

Hello and welcome! My name is Richard, I'm a Dutch composer from The Netherlands with a passion for designing non-linear music systems. In August 2013 I graduated in Composition & Sound Design For Adaptive System at The University of the Arts Utrecht. Since then I have been active as a composer and assistant-composer working on various games, films, trailers and televisions shows. During this period I have improved my composing workflow, developed instruments and sounds, gained the ability to design music systems and have implemented music in various environments. 

I love combining creativity and technology to devise immersive experiences through music.




Besides music and games, I’m a huge Star Wars fan and love a good whisky, especially if they are from a fine oak cask or have a tint of honey. Feel free to leave a message and get in touch!

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Kattenburgerstraat 7
1018 JA, Amsterdam
The Netherlands
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